The Burrowing Bug Beast of the Barrens and Me: A Tale of Endless Wonder.

The Dun Cow 3

I was trekking across a hostile and forbidding planet;
investigating rumors of hostile aliens and photographing
eerie rock formations when suddenly –

The Dun Cow 4

I happened upon a cave!

The Dun Cow 5

I was horrified to see a massive set of mole claws resting just
beyond a vast and terrible shape!

The Dun Cow 8

“Well hello there Off-Worlder.” Said a grotesque giant insect.
“Are you’re here for the tour?”

The Dun Cow 11

The abomination started to explain the history of it’s dark den
while I stood frozen in my star armor. Dare I follow it?

The Dun Cow 12

I followed it. Into a cave of wonders.

The Dun Cow 13

The beast had decorated it’s historic home with huge flowers,
placed here and there along the walls. It said the smell of the
flowers helped to mask the odor of the cave, which some beings
found offensive. Through my air-conditioned space helment,
I couldn’t smell anything.

The Dun Cow 14

The beast stopped me when it saw a trip wire across a passage.
“It’s a trap” said the beast. “Stay away unless you want a face
full of fire leeches – We’ve been having problems with bandits
stowing away in the cave and robbing tourists. They are noisy
too – playing loud music at all hours – sometimes I just want to
eat their heads.”

The Dun Cow 18

It showed me a formation it called “The Claws of The Shoggoth”

The Dun Cow 16

and “The Whale’s Head.”

The Dun Cow 23

And another it called The Singing Wings, because the wind blowing
through it made beautiful music.

The Dun Cow 22

There was a large room with ivory walls. Those walls made me
suspect something about this wondrous cave.

The Dun Cow 25

We exited the cave through the eastern “Horn Hollow Hall”
which I found to be most impressive.

The Dun Cow 28

The air was good so I took off my helment and we dined on salad in the shadow of
something truly sinister.

I too was just an insect crawling around in the skull of one of the titanic creatures
that roamed this planet!

The Dun Cow 29

i.e. – a cow.

Dragons and Fern Flowers

I was told a big, green dragon lived the fern forest. I wanted to pick fern flowers so I went anyway.



A huge, green claw caught my arm.

I was scared at first but it soon became clear that the dragon had just mistaken me for branch to rest it’s arm on. I started to quietly snap pictures of the beast’s turquoise scales,
Dragon Skin
ruby throat
Rainbow Scales!
and razor-sharp spines.
Eventually the dragon moved it’s claws and I was able to escape with the magical fern flower buds –
Fern Buds
that open only in the light of a full moon
Fern flowers
and are small enough to be woven into a fairy’s hair!
Tiny Fern Flowers
What? You don’t believe me?


The flowers are from a plain old asparagus fern,
Aspargus Ferns

and the dragon was mom’s pet lizard.

Fairy Flowers!

Tiney Flower 35

They are tiny!

Tiney Flower 20

To drive the point home, here are several more shots of my gargantuan finger.

Tiney Flower 36

This purple one is my favorite, or it would be, if I could bring myself to choose.

Tiney Flower 37

I don’t know what many of these are. Most were weeds growing in my yard.

This daisy-like grass was growing in large patches in several places.

Tiney Flower 38 

This red-stemed plant is an old friend of mine. It always grows in vacant pots.

Tiney Flower 39

These two are types of clover. The smaller of the two plants is the top row.

I fear the big yellow trumpet may be the dreaded burr clover that lodges its seeds

in my dogs’ feet every summer.

Tiney flower 40

These are two, thin plants found growing by themselves amid the lawn grass.

They probably have to rush out their tiny blooms between bouts with the mower.

The flowers are highly reflective, they shine powerfully in the camera’s light and are

hard to photograph clearly.

Tiney Flower 41

Here you will see some type of dandelion, and the one plant that isn’t growing wild.

As you can probably guess, it’s lavender.

Tiney Flower 42

I took these with a Carson Digital Microscope (MM-640 v1.1)

and a Samsung Digital Camera.

This was my favorite picture in the set.

Tiney Flower 5

What’s yours?


If you want to use these credit me and link to my site.

But not in any way that suggests we are collaborating.

You may be running a puppy-kicking business for all I know.


Magical, Seashell Cave!

I went hunting dragons on a beach late at night.

To scare off the kelpies, I rattled a bucket of shells.

Shell Cave

I saw the ghost of Oyster Rock, but sadly, no dragons.

Ghost of Oyster Rock

Then I discovered a cave I had never seen before.

Broken Spiral

Inside the cave I found a natural bridge.

A Natural Bridge

Moss hung from the bottom of the bridge.

Moss Under Bridge

The walls of the cave were pearly, blue coral,

Blue Walls

and smooth, white crystal.

Crystal Walls

I went through a door that looked like ogre teeth,

Sea Monk's Teeth

and found the stone house of a dwarf.

Dwarven Mannor House

There were two gem stones – one red one blue – that looked like eyes.

Was the dwarf watching me?

Hidden Jewels

I kept going and found what looked like a piece of egg-shell tangled in moss.

Shell Caught in Moss

I looked more carefully and found many more.

Egg Shells

Something was hiding in the moss – a baby dragon?

Hidden Dragon

It was then that I noticed the wall was scaly.

Dragon's Nest

The mother dragon was sitting on her nest.

Dragon Skin

She was huge.

One of her leathery wings shifted slightly . . .

Dragon's Belly

I ran from the cave as quietly as could be.

Then I picked up the cave and took it home with me.

Ancient Conch

The mouth of the cave.

Cave Entrance

Oyster Rock.

Oyster Rock

I was really exploring seashells with a digital camera that photographs tiny things.

My bucket of sea shells #1 was just a bunch of tiny shells inside a bigger shell.

Shell Bucket

What you have seen are formations within a sea shell.

All except the first three pictures were taken inside the ancient, broken conch.

If you liked this magical adventure, next time, I will explore something else!


These photos are mine – NO – I did not steal them from you.