Dragons and Fern Flowers

I was told a big, green dragon lived the fern forest. I wanted to pick fern flowers so I went anyway.



A huge, green claw caught my arm.

I was scared at first but it soon became clear that the dragon had just mistaken me for branch to rest it’s arm on. I started to quietly snap pictures of the beast’s turquoise scales,
Dragon Skin
ruby throat
Rainbow Scales!
and razor-sharp spines.
Eventually the dragon moved it’s claws and I was able to escape with the magical fern flower buds –
Fern Buds
that open only in the light of a full moon
Fern flowers
and are small enough to be woven into a fairy’s hair!
Tiny Fern Flowers
What? You don’t believe me?


The flowers are from a plain old asparagus fern,
Aspargus Ferns

and the dragon was mom’s pet lizard.

Fairy Flowers!

Tiney Flower 35

They are tiny!

Tiney Flower 20

To drive the point home, here are several more shots of my gargantuan finger.

Tiney Flower 36

This purple one is my favorite, or it would be, if I could bring myself to choose.

Tiney Flower 37

I don’t know what many of these are. Most were weeds growing in my yard.

This daisy-like grass was growing in large patches in several places.

Tiney Flower 38 

This red-stemed plant is an old friend of mine. It always grows in vacant pots.

Tiney Flower 39

These two are types of clover. The smaller of the two plants is the top row.

I fear the big yellow trumpet may be the dreaded burr clover that lodges its seeds

in my dogs’ feet every summer.

Tiney flower 40

These are two, thin plants found growing by themselves amid the lawn grass.

They probably have to rush out their tiny blooms between bouts with the mower.

The flowers are highly reflective, they shine powerfully in the camera’s light and are

hard to photograph clearly.

Tiney Flower 41

Here you will see some type of dandelion, and the one plant that isn’t growing wild.

As you can probably guess, it’s lavender.

Tiney Flower 42

I took these with a Carson Digital Microscope (MM-640 v1.1)

and a Samsung Digital Camera.

This was my favorite picture in the set.

Tiney Flower 5

What’s yours?


If you want to use these credit me and link to my site.

But not in any way that suggests we are collaborating.

You may be running a puppy-kicking business for all I know.