Fairy Flowers!

Tiney Flower 35

They are tiny!

Tiney Flower 20

To drive the point home, here are several more shots of my gargantuan finger.

Tiney Flower 36

This purple one is my favorite, or it would be, if I could bring myself to choose.

Tiney Flower 37

I don’t know what many of these are. Most were weeds growing in my yard.

This daisy-like grass was growing in large patches in several places.

Tiney Flower 38 

This red-stemed plant is an old friend of mine. It always grows in vacant pots.

Tiney Flower 39

These two are types of clover. The smaller of the two plants is the top row.

I fear the big yellow trumpet may be the dreaded burr clover that lodges its seeds

in my dogs’ feet every summer.

Tiney flower 40

These are two, thin plants found growing by themselves amid the lawn grass.

They probably have to rush out their tiny blooms between bouts with the mower.

The flowers are highly reflective, they shine powerfully in the camera’s light and are

hard to photograph clearly.

Tiney Flower 41

Here you will see some type of dandelion, and the one plant that isn’t growing wild.

As you can probably guess, it’s lavender.

Tiney Flower 42

I took these with a Carson Digital Microscope (MM-640 v1.1)

and a Samsung Digital Camera.

This was my favorite picture in the set.

Tiney Flower 5

What’s yours?


If you want to use these credit me and link to my site.

But not in any way that suggests we are collaborating.

You may be running a puppy-kicking business for all I know.


9 thoughts on “Fairy Flowers!

  1. Ah, I see what you mean about the tiny flowers, Rastelly! A very magical set of photos.

  2. another admirer of wild flowers! I loved watching them whenever I got a chance. quite a lot of them are really beautiful. I wish I had camera or cellphone back then!

  3. rastelly says:

    I like wildflowers because They grow without needing
    any effort on my part. 😉

  4. rastelly says:

    Symbals of strength and independence!

  5. Love your new found hobby .. Those flowers are so beautiful and each one perfection in miniature form…. Just dropping by to say hello and wish you well… ~Sue 🙂

    • rastelly says:

      Good to see you. Mom found this camera on sale
      at a science store and brought it home for me. I
      kept it for almost a year then started playing with it.

      I haven’t been posting lately because I’ve gotten
      involved with some projects that are commandeering
      my time. I’m schmoozing an indie publisher who may
      be willing to pay me for illustrating some of her color

      How are you by the way? Any spiritual-type discoveries while I was gone?

      • No…. Just keeping alive our thoughts and dreams.. Which it seems you are managing nicely LOL.. 🙂 so good to know your brilliant art work will grace so books… All good… The Photos are stunning in detail and yes I have some of those tiny white weeds… though who could think any flower with such beauty a weed.. Just because they grow profusely where no other plants will 🙂 ..
        Good to know you busy busy….
        Take care of you… 🙂
        ~Sue 🙂

  6. rastelly says:

    Good to hear from you. It’s nice to still get comments though
    I’m not actively posting. I’m writing a sequel to Enthralled and
    trying to work on a project with the woman who helped me self-
    publish my first picture book, this time she wants me to illustrate
    one of her books. If I were to get a co-op project on my record,
    I might be able to get better paying jobs in fields I specialize in.
    I am also helping to sell the book I self-published, and It’s a lot
    of work, but fun.

    I hope to eventually find time to blog again. Till then I appreciate
    your contributions to rastelly. 😀

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