Ruke’s Blueprints


Introducing the Snack Faucet

Hi, It’s Ruke . . .

I was scrubbing the word ‘S.S. Rusticle’ off the Dare again, when I suddenly wanted crackers. I opened the galley cupboard but my crackers were nothing but mush.

That is not sand covering my floor. It is cracker mush.

Crackers don’t last very long on the bottom of the sea. I wondered if it would be a good idea to stop buying them.

I wondered If I would have to give up one of my favorite snacks, but then I had an Idea. What if there was a way to keep crackers dry and crunchy even underwater!

I present to you, the Snack Faucet.

Here is how it works on the inside!

Because it is filled with air, the Snack faucet must be bolted on to something very heavy, like a pillow basalt boulder or a 20,000 ton steam boat.

If I don’t find something heavy enough, my invention will float away.


I should have put the Snack Faucet on a metal part of my boat. The wooden deck of the Dare was not strong enough.

Oh well, good-by, Snack Faucet. I hope we meet again!

Introducing The Pickle Jar Defuser

I like pickles,

but in the deep ocean, jars of pickles are mostly cracked,

Pickles 4

or broken.

Pickles 5

Even when I can find a good one, the jar is impossible to open.

Pickles 6

When I do get a jar of pickles to open the pickle juice makes the water all itchy and stingy.

Pickles 7

I once asked an octopus to open a jar for me but he didn’t seem to like pickles.

Pickles 1

The octopus really can open jars if it wants to.

I will just have to invent a machine that can open my pickle jars safely.

I will call this machine, the pickle jar defuser!

To make my pickle jar defuser as safe as can be, I will first need to invent a pickle jar that will be easy for my diffuser to open.

Pickles 2

(A) I have invented a super, pressure-proof, jar-sealing wax.

(B) The lid of the jar has a hole.

(C) I plug the hole with the wax.

(D)There is a hole at the bottom of the jar I plug with a cork.

(E) Now this is a jar of pickles that can be opened safely underwater!

Now I’ll just place these pickles inside the defuser . . .

Pickles 3

Yay! With the juice removed, I can eat the pickles without the Juice stinging my face!

Pickles 8

Pickles are pickled cucumbers.

Animals often fall into brine pools and get pickled!

blog shot 4

Like this pickeled fish in my backyard brine pool!

Some of the animals that fall in to brine pools are sea cucumbers!

I wonder if that’s the same thing?

Pickles 9

*Crunch Crunch*

Sea pickles taste very different from land pickles.

They are not bad though.










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