Welcome to the Outer Reaches of La La Land

Greetings Everyone,

I am a writer of – preferably fiction – and hope to entertain people with my strange and exotic creations. So let me know if the entertainment is malfunctioning – I will do what I can to fix it.

If you feel the need to offer a suggestion, try to be specific. Comments like “I found it confusing . . .” don’t help nearly as much as comments like – “You should have said . . . ” Examples give me a much better idea of what others like and what would make them feel more comfortable reading my stories.

I am also an artist, a sample of my orignal work is posted above, as well as on the meet my art post. I’ve been told I should write comics, but so far have been wary of pouring too much effort into projects that might not yeld results.

My interest in non-fiction usually involves animal facts, as it’s hard to find human interest stories that are nearly as bizarre, but they are out there. (SSShh -I am currently hunting Bohemians.) I don’t much care for inspirational pieces – as they all seem to do the exact opposite. I tried to remedy this by writing my own, but a friend advised that I should market them to horror fans instead.

I am an armchair explorer and not ashamed of it. I’ve traveled a little but prefer to do research, as I am unable to pay for trips long enough to satisfy my curiosity.

Other authors may kill characters off. I prefer very often to kill them on. I like art that shocks me. I like creatively monstrous creatures. I like things that used to scare me as a child. I like ruins. I like mystery. I like adventure. I like cheering for the underdogs. I jump the gun. I eat the garnish. Life is too short to waste it on the straight and narrow. I wanted to walk all the paths  but they wouldn’t let me so I go nowhere, and like it.

I long to be the one who looks

when others look away.

I long to be the one who stands

outside at the close of day.

I long to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing

the lion beside the lamb.

I long to be the iron roots

tearing up through the roads of man.

I long to be a force primeval,

the sea from which one is saved.

I long to be winds out of the west,

mother nature unpaved.