Welcome to the Outer Reaches of La La Land

Greetings Everyone,

I am a writer of – preferably fiction – and hope to entertain people with my strange and exotic creations. So let me know if the entertainment is malfunctioning – I will do what I can to fix it.

If you feel the need to offer a suggestion, try to be specific. Comments like “I found it confusing . . .” don’t help nearly as much as comments like – “You should have said . . . ” Examples give me a much better idea of what others like and what would make them feel more comfortable reading my stories.

I am also an artist, a sample of my orignal work is posted above, as well as on the meet my art post. I’ve been told I should write comics, but so far have been wary of pouring too much effort into projects that might not yeld results.

My interest in non-fiction usually involves animal facts, as it’s hard to find human interest stories that are nearly as bizarre, but they are out there. (SSShh -I am currently hunting Bohemians.) I don’t much care for inspirational pieces – as they all seem to do the exact opposite. I tried to remedy this by writing my own, but a friend advised that I should market them to horror fans instead.

I am an armchair explorer and not ashamed of it. I’ve traveled a little but prefer to do research, as I am unable to pay for trips long enough to satisfy my curiosity.

Other authors may kill characters off. I prefer very often to kill them on. I like art that shocks me. I like creatively monstrous creatures. I like things that used to scare me as a child. I like ruins. I like mystery. I like adventure. I like cheering for the underdogs. I jump the gun. I eat the garnish. Life is too short to waste it on the straight and narrow. I wanted to walk all the paths  but they wouldn’t let me so I go nowhere, and like it.

I long to be the one who looks

when others look away.

I long to be the one who stands

outside at the close of day.

I long to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing

the lion beside the lamb.

I long to be the iron roots

tearing up through the roads of man.

I long to be a force primeval,

the sea from which one is saved.

I long to be winds out of the west,

mother nature unpaved.

18 thoughts on “Welcome to the Outer Reaches of La La Land

  1. Let your imagination run wild and you shall experience a natural high.
    And If i were you, I’d put my talent to some use and publish it !
    Good stuff. 🙂

  2. Sony Fugaban says:

    Except for the misspelled words, your literary works like this one in particular is already perfect — at least for me.

  3. Sony Fugaban says:

    I suggest that you should use the spellcheck feature before you publish your beautiful piece of work. Just sayin’. I know I am far from close to your ability to create awesome poetries, post, and articles.

    • rastelly says:

      Sorry, but I kind of rushed through it. Many
      of the spelling errors have been corrected.
      Thanks for calling them to my attention, &
      do come again.

      Note – I’m new at this – and many features
      escape my notice. If there’s anything else
      you can point out, I would be grateful.

  4. S Basu says:

    that painting is fabulous.

  5. Renee Espriu says:

    You remind me of a couple of fellows I went to school with…..probably long before your time…that loved Science Fiction and wonderful artwork of monsters and such that they did on their own. Quite good, really, and yours very well done as well. You have a talent, for sure, with your art and writing and not sure from reading, but you seem to be young and I encourage you to keep at it as certainly you could publish something or have your art in a studio if that is what you choose to do.

    • rastelly says:

      Seem to be young? Thanks. It’s
      good my attitude isen’t ageing – I stopped
      having birthdays when I was twelve, but most
      peg me at forteen. I’m actually in my late twenties.
      Someone has contacted me about an illistration
      job and I’m waiting to hear back from him. It’s more
      for the experience then the money, as I have never
      done contract work before. 🙂 Wish me luck.

  6. iamlenise says:

    Your writing and art are phenomenal..I’m already a fan…So hard to find those who think on the fringe, who aren’t afraid to peek behind the curtains and show others what they saw..wish I was as brave..My work tends to look very soft and pink on the outside, but I find your version of fiction and creative arts much more intriguing…Thanks for sharing your talents 🙂

    • rastelly says:

      Good to see a new face. Welcome. I like what the promise
      of hidden danger does for my writing, but for me that’s good.
      It brings mystery and intrigue to the world and gives it more
      depth, but that’s mostly because I like adventure, the danger
      and thrill that comes with discovery. There are lots of colors
      to write in. I like to think of mine as deep blue, I took a cheasy
      online quiz once called “Where does your soul come from?” I
      got dark water. My sign is leo and my element fire – when I put
      these together with water and darkness I imagine volcano’s
      under the sea, spewing fire and brimstome – untill an island is
      born – 🙂

      • iamlenise says:

        Thanks and I’m glad to have discovered your work..For me, I’m a very visual person, I see life as a stream of colors and shades, and I try to include the same imagery in my stories..My element is water 🙂 and I’m driven by the moon (probably why I’m always daydreaming and thinking up emotional love stories, haha)..Wow.. you really are a talented writer..as I was reading the last half of your reply, I thought you were about to share a new adventure..I was absolutely thrilled, even with the volcano cliffhanger at the end..Anyways..my own writing tends to be gentle, but I have a strong affinity for intrigue and danger..lol..I love scifi, thrillers, mysteries, and colorful narrative, so if an author can combine these in perfect sync, I’m definitely a fan 😀 ..Have an awesome day..

  7. iamlenise says:

    Hello 🙂 I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Claim it here http://wp.me/p1DPTJ-14q

  8. Okay, I’ve looked long and hard, keeping your site in the back of my mind, but I may have found some new… err,uhh… material for you… http://fitztopia.wordpress.com/2012/08/20/weekly-photo-challenge-wrong-so-very-wrong/ 🙂

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