Arts and Crafts


Lantern Chain A

Dear human,

You can make lantern chains like the ones I use to decorate my ship!

All you need is construction paper, scissors and a glue stick.

I would use paper too but, deep underwater, paper doesn’t work.

Lantern Chain B

These lanterns don’t glow like mine do, but It seems you would have lots of sunlight up there anyway.

I woulden’t want things to be too bright. Your eyes might hurt. Except at night.

At night you can make a Glowfish Lantern!

Glowfish Lantern Project 2


It’s very dark in the deep ocean.

I have to keep lots of glow-in-the-dark fish in my shipwreck.

Lantern Project 3

If I don’t, I bump into things.

I heard that on the surface of the ocean it can get very dark sometimes too.

I heard there are things called stars that sparkle in the sky.

Down here, I can’t see these stars.

Unless you count the brittle stars.

Unless you count the brittle stars.

Because I don’t have stars, I made a special star lantern.

When I turn it on, stars appear on my ceiling.

Glowfish Lantern Project 5

Because you already have stars, I invented a different sort of lantern.

It makes glowing fish appear on the ceiling when it gets dark enough.

How many fish can your ceiling hold? How big will they be?

Make a glow fish lantern if you want to find out!

Glowfish Lantern Project


Now, let’s try something a little tougher.


Let’s make a paper model of a Pokian.

(That’s me)

All you need is paper and Scissors.

Paper Pokian 11 copy

. . . and an airtight water-proof box, but only if your a Pokian.

Paper Pokian A

Paper Pokian 13 copy

Now that you have gotten this far, I think I should warn you –

unlike me, the paper Pokian is not water-proof. I took it out

of the box just now, and it got all soggy. I will have to start over,

but you can go on ahead.

Paper Pokian B

Paper Pokian 12

Model Pokians may look very different from the end picture.

Mine looks just like a crumpled-up piece of paper.


6 thoughts on “Arts and Crafts

  1. loved the cute story and the fantastic lantern!

  2. rastelly says:

    Hey, your the first one to come back here.
    Thanks for noticeing my “Ruke Section”

    The lanturn works better with some types
    of lights – and not at all with others – I had
    to try a lot of different flashlights. An LED
    with a single blub worked best.

  3. Thanks for helping us to a very special light. May we be enlightened 😉
    By the way origami is quite popular in the anthroposophic movement in Germany too.
    Thank you very much for your funny poem you wrote on my blog. GREAT!
    Greeting from the sunny coast of Norfolk

  4. rastelly says:

    and too you, from the great gulf of mexico! 😀

    I’ve always been interested in the apple tree story.
    I wonder if it is true or only a legond?

    There is a story taught to children in the U.S. – that
    our first president General Geroge Washington was
    so honest that (when he was a boy) he confessed to
    chopping down one of the beautiful cherry trees
    planted in the city of washington – even though he
    knew everone would be mad at him –

    Recently I heard the story was made up as fable to
    teach children to be honest.

    The cherry trees were not planted until much lator –

    though there was a recent insident where a beavor
    chewed down one of the trees.

    I think they should name the beavor George. 😉

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