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It is the dead that haunt places but places that haunt yhe dead.

It is not the dead that haunt places but places that haunt the dead.

Having swapped his mortality for slavery,

Sam the undead butler

 was forced to serve one human master after another

but his past will come back to haunt him

when it’s discovered

that his foggy memories

hold the key

to a priceless treasure.

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Attention fans of “Model Employee”!

An e-publisher called Mind Wings Audio ( has excepted and published a 12,000-word fantasy based on my brief flash fiction, “A Model Employee.” The story’s name was changed to Enthralled.

The book is now available as a one-hour audio book on an mp3 CD or mp3 download /or as an e-book on several types of E-book readers. (Such as the Nook or Kindle.)

I suggest that any author seeking to promote their work check out the Mind Wings Audio Site. Their specialty is one-hour audio books. They are currently seeking submissions of 10 to 11,000 words.

Mind Wings Audio is actively seeking Authors!

Click the link if your interested in my e-book or thinking of submitting to Mind Wings yourself!

I would appriciate hearing from anyone who is able to read it!