Magical, Seashell Cave!

I went hunting dragons on a beach late at night.

To scare off the kelpies, I rattled a bucket of shells.

Shell Cave

I saw the ghost of Oyster Rock, but sadly, no dragons.

Ghost of Oyster Rock

Then I discovered a cave I had never seen before.

Broken Spiral

Inside the cave I found a natural bridge.

A Natural Bridge

Moss hung from the bottom of the bridge.

Moss Under Bridge

The walls of the cave were pearly, blue coral,

Blue Walls

and smooth, white crystal.

Crystal Walls

I went through a door that looked like ogre teeth,

Sea Monk's Teeth

and found the stone house of a dwarf.

Dwarven Mannor House

There were two gem stones – one red one blue – that looked like eyes.

Was the dwarf watching me?

Hidden Jewels

I kept going and found what looked like a piece of egg-shell tangled in moss.

Shell Caught in Moss

I looked more carefully and found many more.

Egg Shells

Something was hiding in the moss – a baby dragon?

Hidden Dragon

It was then that I noticed the wall was scaly.

Dragon's Nest

The mother dragon was sitting on her nest.

Dragon Skin

She was huge.

One of her leathery wings shifted slightly . . .

Dragon's Belly

I ran from the cave as quietly as could be.

Then I picked up the cave and took it home with me.

Ancient Conch

The mouth of the cave.

Cave Entrance

Oyster Rock.

Oyster Rock

I was really exploring seashells with a digital camera that photographs tiny things.

My bucket of sea shells #1 was just a bunch of tiny shells inside a bigger shell.

Shell Bucket

What you have seen are formations within a sea shell.

All except the first three pictures were taken inside the ancient, broken conch.

If you liked this magical adventure, next time, I will explore something else!


These photos are mine – NO – I did not steal them from you.