Meet My Art

 Here is a panel from a children’s story book I have long been tring to publish, though I seriousily doubt it will appeal much to grown-ups, posting it will give me a chance to show off my origional art work – if you like Ruke, I have many more shots of this colorful cutey and the weird world he lives in.  


Kidsplorers said they liked it so here’s another one.

 Can you guess what this is? The character is fictional but much of its world is not.

Here is another game of pictionary.

Can you guess the thingy?

Ruke’s pets – up to bottom – tripod fish, ratfish and frogfish/Anglerfish. I don’t think the exact speci has been formally named yet but it’s awefully cute.

Sony was wondering where my Gravatar came from. That’s me in the corner.

16 thoughts on “Meet My Art

  1. Kidsplorers says:

    I love this. It is fantastic! Would love to see more and I wish you all the best in getting your book published. I would buy it for my children 🙂

  2. I love your style! The details and the colors in your art are superb! (I don’t know what that second scene is, but I think I see a pearl on a hook!) Good luck with your children’s book.

    • rastelly says:

      The pearl is pure whimsey on my part, it’s decorates the tool he’s using to catch pickled fish in a Brine Pool. The thing in the pool is a sand tufa formation – I took the liberty of putting it in
      a Brine pool and also, I made it glow. Ruke lives in the very deep ocean – a place that has called to me ever since they flimed the wreck of Titanic. Ruke, his people & their technology are all make believe but the natural features of their world are real. Ruke himself lives in a sunken steamer. Its stern looms out the darkness behind him – as well as it’s bumper sticker -another bit of whimsy – Ruke’s wreck is hard to recognise out of context – this picture follows another that shows the bow of the ship.

  3. What fabulous, beautiful pictures. I want to read this story. I’d buy that book for (me and) my kids for sure. Is the first one sending a telegram?

    • rastelly says:

      As a matter of fact he is. The page beside
      it – (not shown) has some fine print explaining
      morse code and how to use it – The story itself
      is a simple rhyming chant – with slightly more
      advanced information in the margins – Just in
      case my readers want to dig deeper.

  4. S Basu says:

    amazing artworks, i just loved the colours and your imagination.

  5. rastelly says:

    Thank you. Sometimes I wish
    my stories could get so much
    attention – as they are a lot
    easier at times – but I’m lazy 🙂

  6. I love these! Your artwork tells a million stories!!

  7. Claire Lopez says:

    Awesome art! It reminds me of a book I read awhile ago. Unfortunately you can’t tell much from this…. Did you read the spiritual fable I posted? I always thought it would be cool to illustrate them. Anyway….cool art!

    • rastelly says:

      Thanks for following. I saw your gravatar around
      a few times and really liked it. That’s what lead me
      to you blog, I followed the link and saw the cover
      of the book you mentioned. It seems the same
      Lead/coloredpencil – syle was used, though it
      might be water color. I read you fable, Leap
      of faith.

      Reminds me of the barnicle goose – it lays it’s
      eggs high on a cliff to protect them – but once
      they hatch – the babies must step of the ledge
      and endure a fall of over a hundred feet – half
      survive, all will bounce several times – none
      can yet fly at this piont. I’de give them the
      badass baby award for sure – look it up.

      ps, yes please do illistrate them – is that
      red dragon yours?

  8. Sony Fugaban says:

    Just a question: Is rook the one appearing on your Gravatar Image? I mean he’s blue there and he’s like in red scales here. That one is cute still.

  9. rastelly says:

    Ruke is the red one you see here.
    The blue thing on my Gravatar is
    from this book though. It appears
    in the back ground of a picture not
    posted in this set. It is a random
    deep sea fish that is laughing at
    Ruke as he attempts to get a ship
    wreck started. I’ll try and add it
    to this set so that others can see
    where my Gravatar comes from. 🙂
    I did consider using Ruke as my
    gravatar but wanted something
    that would be easy to identify
    in a small square.

    P.S. The picture in question has
    been added, check it out. 😀

  10. Sony Fugaban says:

    Ruke, I meant.

    Yeah, I saw that. Thanks for the effort. That’s him in the corner, sou say. I say, that’s him in the spot … 🙂

  11. rastelly says:

    Now you know. 🙂

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