Meet My Art

 Here is a panel from a children’s story book I have long been tring to publish, though I seriousily doubt it will appeal much to grown-ups, posting it will give me a chance to show off my origional art work – if you like Ruke, I have many more shots of this colorful cutey and the weird world he lives in.  


Kidsplorers said they liked it so here’s another one.

 Can you guess what this is? The character is fictional but much of its world is not.

Here is another game of pictionary.

Can you guess the thingy?

Ruke’s pets – up to bottom – tripod fish, ratfish and frogfish/Anglerfish. I don’t think the exact speci has been formally named yet but it’s awefully cute.

Sony was wondering where my Gravatar came from. That’s me in the corner.