Legends Wait.

 Secrets come and secrets go.

Secrets pass fore all who know,

till all is lost and thus forgotten.


All is gone, gone, far away.


Yet past the veil, the unremembered,

the outer realm of truth unknown,

there where fact is undetermined

yawns the pit where lies are thrown.


Above them, winds of speculation,

stir and beckon to the soul,

yet onward runs the endless journey

toward some shining, distant goal.


Still there always is that boundary

beyond the limits of clear sight,

that sacred, hidden country

where shadows bend the light.


Beyond this screen of mystery,

an ever-changing history

turns the wheels of fate.


Beyond these doors

these ancient pathways

beyond the lone,

secluded gate,

the oaken doors roar open.


It is here,

that legends wait.

Northbound Train


A highway runs

near a quiet park.

The night is cool.

The sky is dark.

The swings cast shadows

on the grass,

that creep across

a lake of glass.

Coming across the field fast –

In the blink of an eye,

it’s already passed.

Merely a trick, of the light

but I knew in my heart

that couldn’t be right.

What I had seen,

was a northbound train,

where the old north tracks

went to rust in the rain.

I wondered then

if it would fly

across the fallen trestle.

Like a haunted clipper ship;

some wraith’s unearthly vessel.

Can it be that such things,

have ghosts at their helms,

or is time a mere wall,

a space between realms.