Legends Wait.

 Secrets come and secrets go.

Secrets pass fore all who know,

till all is lost and thus forgotten.


All is gone, gone, far away.


Yet past the veil, the unremembered,

the outer realm of truth unknown,

there where fact is undetermined

yawns the pit where lies are thrown.


Above them, winds of speculation,

stir and beckon to the soul,

yet onward runs the endless journey

toward some shining, distant goal.


Still there always is that boundary

beyond the limits of clear sight,

that sacred, hidden country

where shadows bend the light.


Beyond this screen of mystery,

an ever-changing history

turns the wheels of fate.


Beyond these doors

these ancient pathways

beyond the lone,

secluded gate,

the oaken doors roar open.


It is here,

that legends wait.

14 thoughts on “Legends Wait.

  1. Sharmishtha says:

    beautiful, loved the imagergy rebecca. its lovely.

  2. WOW!.. ” an ever-changing History turns the Wheels of fate..” this is one of your best.. and you have written some amazing things.. Maybe its because it resonates with me at this time. As we see the World changing and we wait in her hands and those who weild the power .. But I really enjoyed this rastelly, and read it three times already.. Wishing you a Great Sunday and Hope you saw that Super Moon last night.
    Blessings~Sue x

  3. Wonderful imagery and language rhythm – “Beyond these door, these ancient pathways, beyond the lone, secluded gate, the oaken doors roar open” – very powerful!

    • rastelly says:

      I based it on the thoughts running through my head when I toured
      Salisbury – (Did I sell that right?) Cathedral – It’s the only time I
      have ever been outside the states. The ancient building is rumered
      to be on a major lay line – if you believe that sort of thing. It’s said
      that several ancient cultures believed the spot to be sacred, even
      before a church existed there – something about the place was – I
      don’t know, special. I felt a fun sort of excitement – like something
      very interesting wanted to play with me.

  4. rastelly says:

    Westminster abby was a visual feast –
    but there was something about Salasbury –
    I tored several churches but Salisbury was
    really memorable.

    • so you have been touring? thats where you vanished?

      • rastelly says:

        That was a few years ago. I stopped blogging because
        I was working on a story for a new publisher I found. Some
        one recomended I try writing for them. The story is about
        Sam, the character I described in A Model Employee. I
        haven’t sent it off yet but will post it if they let me, or if
        they decide they don’t want it.

  5. dont post it unless they dont want it. i know they will want it. till then write some thing else. 🙂

    i am sure it will be fantastic. let me know when it is published.

  6. Rastelly, This is a beautiful piece of poetry my friend.. History turning within the the wheels.. and Fate always takes her hand.. But then is it fate or was it already ordained.. All things come to pass.. we just need to open the doors and step through them.. Loved it.. xx Sue

  7. rastelly says:

    Take the die and cast your lot, brave traveler who chooses not,
    to leave your life unlived . . .

    A bit that fell out of this poem when I was tring to get the pieces
    to fit, Call it a director’s cut, if you will. 🙂 good to hear from you.

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