Northbound Train


A highway runs

near a quiet park.

The night is cool.

The sky is dark.

The swings cast shadows

on the grass,

that creep across

a lake of glass.

Coming across the field fast –

In the blink of an eye,

it’s already passed.

Merely a trick, of the light

but I knew in my heart

that couldn’t be right.

What I had seen,

was a northbound train,

where the old north tracks

went to rust in the rain.

I wondered then

if it would fly

across the fallen trestle.

Like a haunted clipper ship;

some wraith’s unearthly vessel.

Can it be that such things,

have ghosts at their helms,

or is time a mere wall,

a space between realms.

23 thoughts on “Northbound Train

  1. anna says:

    Yes! The last two lines, especially.

  2. rastelly says:

    Thanks for reading. 🙂
    I do try to save the
    best for last.

  3. jakethrasher says:

    I liked that! I love the way you can rhyme without it seeming forced or tacky like most poets. Love the illustration, too!

    • rastelly says:

      Forced are tacky? A good tip for
      avoiding that is to watch the first
      word not the second – can’t rhyme
      a word, change it. 😉

      PS. I’m glad you think I’m good.
      😀 (The illistration had me worried.
      I still think it looks more like an
      exploding Chimnea)

  4. Sharmishtha says:

    fabulous imagination. ghost trains, ghost ships and ghost towns always give me a shiver- they are a bit unsettling are not they?

    • rastelly says:

      Unsetteling, and yet, stangely alluring . . . 😉

      • Sharmishtha says:

        you are right. they are alluring too. so when i the adventurers of horror movies i can understand that imp inside that lures them.

        that image you added with the poem is haunting.

      • rastelly says:

        Well said. There is a connection between
        facination and fear. 😉

        I’m glad you liked my drawing too.

      • Sharmishtha says:

        i will die from pleasure if i can create a painting like that. its just fantastic.

        death and danger holds magnetic attraction.

      • rastelly says:

        They say that Curiousity Killed the Cat.
        but I’ve noticed, that wich kills the Cat,
        also thrills the cat. 😉

        Note, I used black ink on blue chalk,
        the white was chalked on last. I sketched
        a scene then colored it. It didden’t take
        very long. Darkness can seem hard to do
        but it can remove the need for too many
        extra details. Simplifing the picture.

      • Sharmishtha says:

        darkness is tough to paint, if you can master it then it will give you a magical painting.

        oh yes, cats are obsessed with danger 🙂

  5. What a fascinating story! Well done indeed!

  6. munchow says:

    Great little story, put together as a lovely poem. Strange, beautiful, mysterious, thoughtful. The illustration complements the words quite beautifully. Like a lot! I like the use of symbols. I like the open read. I like that I can put my own thoughts into what I see. Great work!

    • rastelly says:

      Thank you very much. I wanted to capture the
      feeling of walking alone just after dusk. Knowing
      the memory of the land and almost being able to
      see it. I borrowed lines from a poem I had
      written as a child – the poem described an
      encounter with a unicorn and ended with the
      lines – “In the day the sun shines bright, but
      only magic, happens at night.

  7. Excellently told, 🙂 … loved the drawing too of the train it gave the impression of speed and mystery.. ” A space between realms”.. arrh now.. thats right up my street :-).. Enjoy your weekend my friend xx ~Sue

  8. rastelly says:

    Your making up for lost time I see.
    Thanks for subscribeing, and thanks
    for the comments – I had quite a few
    notifications this morning. It was a
    plesent surprise! 😀

    Once again – It’s good to know my
    train drawing was well-recieved. 🙂
    I will try to relax this weekend.

  9. Sony Fugaban says:

    I could see how much history that train holds … 🙂 Love the poem very much.

    • rastelly says:

      Thank you. I do enjoy writing them. I heard a
      story about a ghost that would walk on air high
      above the floor, because long ago there had
      been a second floor – I liked that story. 😀

  10. all the best for your upcoming venture!

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