Bohemians at Large: This is some ‘Complex S@*!’

Pardon my french, but the name of this art piece just so happens to be – Complex S@*!. 

Where does Godzilla go? Anywhere he wants!

I don’t know what I find funnier; the fact someone actually made this thing, the fact a reputable museum was willing to display it, or the fact it was able to escape and go on a homicidal rampage.

The Paul Klee Centre in Bern, Switzerland, was proud to present an exhibit it called –

East of Eden: A Garden Show,

and before any accuse Switzerland of sullying its reputation as the pinnacle of western civilization know that this literal poo pile was the brain child of an American.

Paul McCarthy was born in 1945 in Salt Lake City Utah and has been treating the people of earth to his intellectual excrement ever since. Some of his early experiments challenge the limits of the human gag reflex, and are a little too graphic to discuss in vivid detail on a site I’d like to think is for everyone. I will sum it up by saying that Paul is a master multi-media Shock Jock, painting his words of wit upon the bathroom stalls of life.

His recent Christmas themed pieces reflect a subtler approach. Featuring a Santa Claus holding an apparently suggestive tree. I considered posting an image but will show you this ‘Sweet Brown Snail’ instead.

I’d be willing to bet It’s the only G-rated thing he has ever done and it was a collaboration with Jason Rhoades

Now back to the dookie.

I forgot to mention their inflatable.

Clearly the Klee Center noticed the hazard posed by these irregularly shaped brown blimps. A system was employed to deflate them should the wind pick up. Mother nature however was not about to miss a chance like this. The system failed and the s@*! hit the fan – tearing loose from its moorings to frolic in the countryside.

A power line was knocked down, and a greenhouse was damaged – as well as an orphanage of all things. Plans to return the sculpture to display have met with controversy.

Fears have been expressed,

of another s@*! storm.


26 thoughts on “Bohemians at Large: This is some ‘Complex S@*!’

  1. My daughter (home sick) and I are having a good chuckle. Thanks for relieving her stomach flu with a giant pile of inflatable godzilla crap. Good stuff! (She loves your illustration at top, too.)

    • rastelly says:

      Good to know I helped cheer her up, hope she gets well soon.
      That banner has gotten so many complements, I considered
      changeing it but think I’ll leave it up. 😀

  2. munchow says:

    Even inflatable s@*! can hit the fan. That’s quite a revelation. I am not sure I am ready to buy this piece of art (that is if I had the money in the first place), but I believe contemporary art always has challenged its time, so I guess that’s what Paul McCarthy does.

    • rastelly says:

      They might sell it cheep after this insident,
      (not includeing the liability insurence.) but
      if there is one way to pick a fight with
      the neighbors this is probably it. 🙂

  3. some artists are more insane than artist. why do people give them the cheap popularity they crave for?

    yuck! I will not like to dwell in his mind, or anywhere near him i guess.

    • rastelly says:

      Hey, trying out another gravatar I see. It’s great but the face is so
      stylish. Still having trouble with the ids, or are you searching for the perfect one? You do use some interesting images.

      Art like this belongs to a genre most people hate – I do enjoy
      critiqueing them though. I think McCarthy may often attempt to
      mock the art proffession by suggesting that Artists are over glorified – also a lot of famous artists like to see how far they can go before someone will outright refuse to display their work. I think it’s a game
      to them. A game the yes-men often loose. It just proves people can have their way if they are famous. So I guess you can say that it
      does make a statement.

      • oh no, i still have that gravatar, actually when i was opening new blogs i did not noticed that wordpress allows multiple blogs using the same email id, so i ended up opening three blogs using three emails ha ha. this one is assigned to sharmishthabasu. that face is assigned to mydomainpvt. As for this lotus gravatar i think i will change it a few times before sticking with one for a while.

        you are right, i think i wont be able to make a gravatar as attractive as that face, so right now i am not going to change that.

        yes, when people become famous they become victim of this illusion that whatever they say or do will be accepted…. they are so naive!

      • rastelly says:

        Glad to see your face again! I too had some trouble
        learning to use this bloging system. It was easier
        then I thought though. For the longest time I went
        without even noticeing the widgets toolbar. I am so
        proud of my contents section. Though I’ll be willing
        to bet it’s child’s play for others. 🙂

      • I still dont know a lot of special features, thats why i keep my postings simple.

        I too took a long time in grasping the easiest widgets, i am not much good in that till now.

  4. all the best for your upcoming story! Hope this is the first with atleast 1000 in queue after this.

    • rastelly says:

      This poop article was something I did while taking a break.
      I do have around seven thousand words in a rough draft, I
      decided not to do too much editing untill the ending is written
      down. It’s hard to tell what parts of a story will be important
      when it’s only partially written. 🙂

      • i agree editing should be done after completing the story, or else it may jumble the story up.

        btw, i almost never edit my stories/poems/writings its a very, very bad habit.

        all the best again!

  5. aFrankAngle says:

    Not sure which is better … the opening pic or the comments? 🙂

  6. Now having stopped laughing long enough to answer LOL.. as the pictures took time to load while I read your words lol and wondered what could look like poop! 🙂 and then laughed some more..I know people have some weird ideas on art..
    Wishing you a great week.. and thanks for all your visits and past comments too.. ~Sue xx

    • rastelly says:

      Good to see you and glad to know you liked the
      story. A project I am working on is comendeering
      much of my time right now. I took a break and
      posted this to let everone know I was still

      If my 11,000 word project gets rejected by the
      publisher I’m eyeing – and It probably will – I will
      post it in brief installements here.

  7. sharmishtha says:

    guess you are absolutely stuck in the novel, hope you enjoy every second of this beautiful experience.

    missing your posts though!

    well this is my new email id, and gravatar graciously shoved upon me by the admin of the website.

    explanations are in my blog 😦

    • rastelly says:

      I don’t know if novel is the
      right word for it. If published
      it will be sold as a downloadable
      audio file – an Mp3. Its only one
      third the size of Rust, I thought
      it would be shorter but 11,000
      words is more then you would
      think. Most of it is complete,
      though. I hope to finnish it

      Note, Do you just enjoy trying
      new Ids or do they work for a
      while and then get buggy?

      • sharmishtha says:

        You are absolutely right, after a brief span of time they become buggy. Thats why I have started to keep my blogging email ids separate from my normal communication ids.

        I think spammers/hackers get hold of them sooner or later. I have noticed it, that is why I have decided to change the email ids once in a while.

        any way, some trolls have been systematically hacking my net connection since the day i have been using it, so i cant say if it happens to others too but it happens with me.

        there are so many unexplainable things that go around with my email ids and blogs that even geeks cant say “normal”.

        starting from “remote desktop access” softwares discovered in computer, or the people i acknowledge/compliment with urls in my blog vanishing thereafter, and other things.

        do you feel the “email ids getting buggy” feeling too?

  8. trisha says:

    As for the answer to your question. My internet connection is a really bizarre affair, from the day one some tech savvy creeps have been cyber stalking me (for substantial reasons I know) if you are further curious to know you can check my blog, there is a page named “Honey trap” in it, you can read it when you have loads of patience and time its more than thirty thousand words i believe. It’s based on my life.

    so you are right, my internet connection is not even close to normal, starting from discovering remote desktop access files in my computer to blogs, email ids going awry, inaccessible after a while are a normal routine for me. Friends I acknowledge in my blogs, using their blog urls, or compliment lavishly vanish soon thereafter. One will feel that someone blocks their ids from within my connection, or sends them elsewhere. I stay prepared for it all the time.

    when my connection is on i get very rare comments on my blogs, but if it gets disconnected (read my computer crashes) then my blogs get filled up with comments. When I reaccess my blogs I see them piled up with comments. So i think quite a substantial number of techies or one big ….is/ are deliberately trying to keep my blogs inaccessible/invisible.

    my life is not even remotely normal so i dont know much about normal users, do your ids get buggy once in a while too?

  9. trisha says:

    this comment got acknowledged after trying five times, using five different ids.

    • rastelly says:

      Starting to see what you mean. I got a message
      telling me Thoughtmagic didn’t exist, and I was so
      interested too. Don’t sweat it though. I wonder if
      your computer has malware. (Viruses, spyware,
      etc.) I’ve heard of cyber stalking, but thankfully
      have not experienced it. I wonder if these people
      you mentioned are hacking your activities online
      or sending malware to your computer?

      Ps. I wont get offended if you don’t answer. You
      sound busy lately.

      • I am not busy, actually I was partially busy in putting up my posts (Scheduled) in blogs but not very much.

        They are really good techies, I wont be surprised if they manipulate all my connections including the emails.

        I sometimes have a deep suspicion that they hide my story blog whenever i am not online. when i am online i may stumble upon the mischief but if i am not online then they can do whatever they want, hide all my blogs.

        they used to systematically hack into my accounts and change the passwords. then i stopped using the email accounts, i dont know if they are doing the same about the blogs too.

        i have added the story honey trap in sharmishthabasu too, when/if you want to read it its in the pages, not post.

  10. Sharmishtha says:

    this is from magicthought, the blog i was talking about.

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