Bohemians at Large: This is some ‘Complex S@*!’

Pardon my french, but the name of this art piece just so happens to be – Complex S@*!. 

Where does Godzilla go? Anywhere he wants!

I don’t know what I find funnier; the fact someone actually made this thing, the fact a reputable museum was willing to display it, or the fact it was able to escape and go on a homicidal rampage.

The Paul Klee Centre in Bern, Switzerland, was proud to present an exhibit it called –

East of Eden: A Garden Show,

and before any accuse Switzerland of sullying its reputation as the pinnacle of western civilization know that this literal poo pile was the brain child of an American.

Paul McCarthy was born in 1945 in Salt Lake City Utah and has been treating the people of earth to his intellectual excrement ever since. Some of his early experiments challenge the limits of the human gag reflex, and are a little too graphic to discuss in vivid detail on a site I’d like to think is for everyone. I will sum it up by saying that Paul is a master multi-media Shock Jock, painting his words of wit upon the bathroom stalls of life.

His recent Christmas themed pieces reflect a subtler approach. Featuring a Santa Claus holding an apparently suggestive tree. I considered posting an image but will show you this ‘Sweet Brown Snail’ instead.

I’d be willing to bet It’s the only G-rated thing he has ever done and it was a collaboration with Jason Rhoades

Now back to the dookie.

I forgot to mention their inflatable.

Clearly the Klee Center noticed the hazard posed by these irregularly shaped brown blimps. A system was employed to deflate them should the wind pick up. Mother nature however was not about to miss a chance like this. The system failed and the s@*! hit the fan – tearing loose from its moorings to frolic in the countryside.

A power line was knocked down, and a greenhouse was damaged – as well as an orphanage of all things. Plans to return the sculpture to display have met with controversy.

Fears have been expressed,

of another s@*! storm.