Reckless Quest.

We lie here under endless skies,

faceing that space between truth and lies.

The air catches fire as the sunset dies.


We wonder,


if hell is a gateway –

and heaven’s just a consolation prize.


What if the world truly is perfect,

and it’s we who are flawed?

When a wound never heals,

what if this is just how happiness feels?


Perhaps, it is we, who should learn to enjoy it.

Perhaps, it is we, who are missing the point.

Perhaps, we are not, to assume that there is one.


We cling to these reins,

our own preconceptions.

Perhaps it is right,

that we cast them away.


Perhaps before,

we let reason escape us,


we should reach out

and catch hold of this beast.


Follow it far, toward the darkest horizons

and there learn to master this thing that we are.


What if pain contains knowledge

from which we are not meant to hide?


What if life is just that wild horse

you were born to ride?