Reckless Quest.

We lie here under endless skies,

faceing that space between truth and lies.

The air catches fire as the sunset dies.


We wonder,


if hell is a gateway –

and heaven’s just a consolation prize.


What if the world truly is perfect,

and it’s we who are flawed?

When a wound never heals,

what if this is just how happiness feels?


Perhaps, it is we, who should learn to enjoy it.

Perhaps, it is we, who are missing the point.

Perhaps, we are not, to assume that there is one.


We cling to these reins,

our own preconceptions.

Perhaps it is right,

that we cast them away.


Perhaps before,

we let reason escape us,


we should reach out

and catch hold of this beast.


Follow it far, toward the darkest horizons

and there learn to master this thing that we are.


What if pain contains knowledge

from which we are not meant to hide?


What if life is just that wild horse

you were born to ride?

8 thoughts on “Reckless Quest.

  1. What an inspiring poem Rastelly, Yes I think maybe its the Human who with all our imperfections and expectations gallop along life’s path charging here and there with no thought of consequence.. And not understanding we hold the reins and we are the one’s in control.. And when life goes pear shaped we tend to blame the horse for leading us a merry dance…
    I love the lines..”” What if pain contains knowledge from which we are not meant to hide? What if life is just that wild horse
    you were born to ride?”””

    Yes the pain of life is how we learn, we grow in knowledge and master that horse only by the number of times we fall off and get back on again.. Until we become expert at riding ..
    We are all of us learning to ride… And love the image you have shared along with your insightful poem…
    Thank you………. Keep Riding, and one day we will all of us find that Sunset.. xxx Hugs Sue xx

  2. rastelly says:

    You pounced on this so quickly I was woundering
    what was slowing me down. A plesent surprise –
    These ideas were bounceing around in my head
    for the last few days. I was starteled how many
    seemed to notice this post right after I published
    it. So many long for adventure – yet they don’t seem
    to notice that they are in the midst of one –

    I often wonder if early man grew tired of their
    lives – as they were chasing mammuth and
    inventing fire – did a mighty warrior ever
    consider his life boring, just because he
    used to it? Perhaps such is our lot – the
    future may not have flying cars but I can’t
    help but feel I’ve died and gone to neard
    heaven every time a plane flys overhead.

    My poems often change drasticly from my
    origional intentions for them – and change
    yet again in the eyes of those who view
    them – Does this ever happen to you?

    Glad you like the picture – it’s someting I
    made for myself. There are many beautiful images
    like it on google – most in the public domain –
    but since I’m trying to market myself as an
    illistrateor I figured I should use my origional
    art when possible – I whiped it up on photo-editor –
    the horse was scaned in from a pencil outline.

    • Loved your own Image I thought perhaps it was one of your own.. clever YOU..
      As to my poems, often Im in a melancholy mood or a bright one, and I just have to write about a feeling.. I dont even really know what that feeling is or even what the first line will be.. Im sure many of my poems are inspired .. For I just write and hardly ever change a word.. and dont even think as to the rhyme at the end.. they just seem to fit..
      Lucky I guess in that they just flow…
      When i try to force something and write it .. The poem will not take shape.. so I just wait for the right ‘Feeling’ and pick up my pen,, I always write in long hand in a journal first..
      I find many view my poems differently than my intention.. But then thats good too, for we all see something different within a painting, and within a poem…. .. Sorry I only just saw this reply.. .. Hope you are having a fantastic June where you are… We are rather wet and bedraggled.. But Rain is good… We have needed the rain to fill up the reservoirs.. Now they are full to overflowing! ;-).. Have a Good Weekend R.. Hugs Sue xx

      • rastelly says:

        I know what you mean about that feeling – though for me it
        comes with a single line I feel is really great – a line that
        perfectly describes an idea I have – or at least seems to.
        A line that will become the grand final of the poem.

        Sometimes I set out to write a poem on topic such as war –
        and end up with something that actually seems to be more
        about nature – almost like the work is saying what it wants
        to say rather then what I want to say. Sometimes I’m left
        with something even I don’t completely agree with. Perhaps
        that is what the greeks thought when they felt they were
        under the control of a muse. 😉

  3. interesting thoughts in optima forma expressed through poetry

  4. i think the world is imperfect so are we, but its a beautiful place any way. loved the poem and the graphics is fantastic, the colours are just too gorgeous and the image is very catchy.


    • rastelly says:

      Thank you – I was tempted to
      google something in the public
      domain but – rear views of horses
      running are not very common –
      this blog is also ment to showcase
      my art so – for better or worse I
      must post art – the horse was a
      hand drawn outline – everything
      else was added on the computer.
      I took your advice about it being
      easier. 🙂

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