Origami Pokian.


Origami is the art of folding paper into shapes resembling people or animals. The crane is the most famous origami figure and it is rumored to have wish-granting power.

Paper Cranes Wiki

To grant your wish, you must fold a thousand cranes in less than a year! If  you are curious about learning how to fold a crane – there is no shortage of wonderful websites that give instruction.

Here I posted something of my own invention, The Paper Pokian.

I have written and am in the process of publishing a picture book for children. The main character is an imaginary sea creature called a Pokian.  This Pokian’s name is Ruke. I have come up with some Ruke – related arts and crafts to promote the book, (To The World Above)  One of these is a folded paper figure that looks like the book’s main character. I came up with it by experimenting with a crane base. 

Here are the instructions for how to fold a Pokian. You will need paper and scissors – (There are some origami purists that forbid scissors – I am not one of them 😉 )

Some may think this project is a little complex for children, but I have only recently discovered the joys of paper-folding and regret that no one introduced me to it earlier.

I am an origami novice myself so I wanted to make this project as easy as possible.

Many adults as well as children have trouble with this particular model, especially when making the mane of hair, so I wouldn’t recommend it for those who are very young or those people who are easily frustrated or discouraged.  

Waste paper is a great source of practice material. It is important not to take your project too seriously and just have fun.

I wanted to post something that would pose a challenge to those children and adults who wanted a challenge.

The paper pokian may take several tries. I will include a photo of what a finished model may look like, just to clarify things.   

Paper Pokian A

Paper Pokian B

paper pokian a

paper pokian b

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia – (Thousand Paper Cranes) Paper Pokian photo is my own.

7 thoughts on “Origami Pokian.

  1. i loved the figure, and you are a very good online teacher 🙂

    • rastelly says:

      I am also making some coloring pages – as my publishers are
      asking me to do. They asked me to put up signs for their up-
      comming convention today and I was hitting the coffie shops.
      I will be recieving one thousand hard cover books, that will be
      trying to sell to schools in the comming year. I’m so excited.

      It is good to see you, the last two months have been quite a
      fight, my mother made all the arrangements though I told her
      not to. Now I have to honor her hard work and hope the money
      she spent was not in vain. I hope to be posting again when
      all this dies down – good luck to you too – and be sure to
      mention anything in particular you would like me to read –
      I do enjoy your ghost stories.

  2. wish you every success for the book!

  3. rastelly says:

    Thanks I hope it goes well.
    Good luck to you too!

  4. Its been years since I did Origami.. thank you for this instruction 🙂

  5. rastelly says:

    Your welcome. Keep an eye out my childrin’s book.
    I will selling it on Amazon!

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