Wierd and Wonderful Shark Eggs.

I am working on a series of articles to promote the children’s picture book I am currently in the process of publishing. Rather then simply stop posting, I will post anything I come up with that my be of interest to my followers.

This is an activity where you try to guess which of these fish hatch out of which of these eggs. The answers are on the bottom.

Shark Sheet  

8 thoughts on “Wierd and Wonderful Shark Eggs.

  1. That’s a really clever idea. Teachers love that sort of book, and they’re big book promoters. Very fascinating, kids love sharks because they’re so dangerous and scary.

  2. rastelly says:

    Kids like vilence and studying dangerous animals is as close as they
    are allowed to get to a real creature feature – these particular sharks
    though – are far too small to pose a danger to humans. These kinds
    of sharks are often seen in public aquariums because they are less then a meter long and very hardy.

    All of the real big sharks give birth to live young.

    The book is more about an imagineary creature named Ruke who lives
    in the deep ocean. Ruke is the only imaginary thing in his world so kids
    will be surprised to discover everything from the hot springs that give
    him power to the fire ice he uses as fuel – is a real thing.

    So how about your story? any more of it?

  3. john tugano says:

    hahaha thats amazing..may attention was caught by no.6 and on how it’s egg looks like..it’s like a snail..hehehe

  4. rastelly says:

    No.6 was the first one I thought of using because I remembered it from
    a book I read when I was really small. I was impressed both by the fish
    and the egg it came out of. The egg is shaped so as lodge itself between rocks where the waves beat the shore.

  5. great pictures. i love the new header of your blog its cute 🙂

  6. you know rebecca i am quite amply missing you!
    but am glad that you have reached a place lot of writers will love to reach, including me 🙂

  7. rastelly says:

    I was in the process of dealing with a small online company when mother informed me that she was willing to pay my way in another
    deal with two people who badly wanted my cooperation in the children’s
    book buisness they are trying to start. It has been very hard for me
    and there is chance I’ll be saddeled with a metric ton of books that
    may or may not sell . . . it is actually kind of scary, but I suppose it
    is a necessary step in traveling to where I want to be. Thanks for the
    encourageing comment. Many of my newer posts may be linked to
    the marketing of my two published stories, but I will try to keep them
    comming for my friends as well. (I have been meaning to write yet another Burlap Cat.)

    Good luck to you, your stories are interesting and your art is beautiful.
    I have never encountered a wordpress site that is anything like what you have painstakeingly put together. Keep up the good work.

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