It’s a Major Award!!!

Because “It’s a damn poor mind that can’t think of more then one way to spell a word.” – Andrew Jackson.

 I’d like to thank the academy . . . AKA – Catcher of Stars.

You literally made my day this morning, as you see, I had a lot of time on my hands.

I’m not exactly sure what I am supposed to do with this –


My guess was that I merely print-screen the image and paste it on this post right here, where everyone can see it.

Note – If this thing turns out to be copyrighted by Disney –

Ha, Ha, very funny.

This is the first award I’ve received and I am deeply honored and presumably obligated to state ten things you may not know about me. Forgive me if they make me sound like a crazy hermit. I am crazy, but unfortunately I am still only an aspiring hermit.


1. I’ve been to England, once.

2. I think clowns are scary. (Mimes are okay though.)

3. I farm bugs as a hobby.

4. I make fuzzy owl figurines.

5. I’ve been told that I am a mad scientist in the kitchen.

6. I share a house with four reptiles, three mammals and a small blue demon that disguises itself as a cat.

7. I talk to gargoyles.

8. I drink more virgin bloody maries then anyone else I’ve ever heard of.

9. Lately I’ve sworn off the more popular books, as finding treasure is better when you have to dig for it.

10. I believe that the answer, is 42.

This also qualifies me to nominate at least six other bloggers.

I know this is starting to sound Like a chain letter but bear with me.

I will be holding none of you to the terms this agreement.

So don’t send a guy to punch me for giving you all extra homework. the Philippines with Sony, and help him identify the mystery plant. a colorful, mystical, experience, with a colorful mystic.  beauty in simplicity, illustrated haikus to brighten your day.  I. Am. Mystery. Awesome poet and – mysterious person.  Click here and read about the Romantic Escapades of a Delirious Englishman.

Who is this composer, and what is she doing in the garden? Ask her at

Here’s to my first subscriber and valued adviser on RUST. If it doesn’t completely suck, thank her, preferably by reading about the hot Celebes and hipster screen writers in – What Would Water Do?

Thank you for noticeing the improvement and informing me. Your time was not wasted.

Read – A Light In Disguise, Santa tells Lucas that if he can not give the boy what he wants he can take something away instead, and that Lucas will be happy. Can loosing something be a good thing? Read, and find out.

Some of your stories are just really good. REALLY good. Especially “Mrs. Jones.” When ya gonna continue it?

If some some of this text is smaller then the rest – it is because I was having trouble with the links. I do not love you less.

30 thoughts on “It’s a Major Award!!!

  1. Wow. I am so honored to be on such a wonderful list. Thank you ever so much! What a treat!

  2. Many thanks for the honor! An early Christmas present!

  3. rastelly says:

    Thanks, as soon as I find were I parked
    my reindeer, I’ll be off to the next house.

  4. I didn’t know you were a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Fan!! Tell me, what kind of towel to do you carry?

  5. rastelly says:

    One that is soaked in nutrients – 😉
    so it may double as my food source as
    well . . .

    • haha, mine is green/ purple polka dots with a built in crossword generator, should I ever become bored. It also doubles as an attractant to babel fish, and an ear plug in case I ever run into a vogon reading aloud poetry.

      • rastelly says:

        Mine also serves as a cloaking device
        should I ever run into the infamous bugbladder
        beast of thrall . . . one must never forget the
        bugbladderbeast. 😀

  6. Congratulations on being given such a lovely award, RA. Thanks bunches for passing one on to me. I appreciate it. Thanks for reading my Christmas story, too. I’m glad you liked it enough to mention it. 🙂

    I wish you and your family a Happy, Happy Holiday season.

  7. Arjun Sharma says:

    thanks so much 🙂

  8. rastelly says:

    Thank you for the stories.
    I also liked Red Devil.

  9. Oh my god!!!! I am also so totally scared of clowns!

    Congrats on the award! You deserve it 😉

  10. rastelly says:

    Glad you think so. Congradulations
    on being able to attend medical
    school. Not a lot people are given
    this oportunity.

  11. Hearty congrats on your award! And thank you for sharing the love here. I have been buried under the xmas detritus, so sorry for the delay in response, although I do want to read your story about the xmas tree that took over the house. 😉 That seems to be what happened here, if you know what I mean. Look forward to reading more of you in the new year!

  12. rastelly says:

    You pretty much heard all of it,
    but I’ll have to write a formal short
    and post it if you think the idea is
    that good. Should save it for Xmas
    though, maybe next year?

  13. Sony Fugaban says:

    Like your commenter, I was soaked in my vacation for the holidays. That explains the delay too on my part. Anyway, thank you so much again for this award. What a great way to start the year with an award like this. Thank you, again, so much!

    • rastelly says:

      Don’t worry, I noticed the derth in traffic and chalked
      it up to the holidays, I needed a break anyway. Thank
      you for taking the time to comment. I’ve been looking
      up seeds and pods to see if any corrospond to your
      plant, nothing remotely like it so far, but if the part
      you photographed is really unusual – it can only
      mean someone may recognise it.

      Happy holidays. 😀

  14. Sony Fugaban says:

    I mean, like your last commenter.

  15. Sharmishtha says:

    thanks a million times for this honour! Congratulations for the well deserved award. loved the things you shared about yourself.

  16. rastelly says:

    Your welcome. Thanks for
    all the comments.

  17. john tugano says:

    You’ve given a nice shot here…I congratulate you for the award..I’ll take time viewing those you have recommended…well deserved..

  18. iamlenise says:

    Hello…I wanted to pass this on to you :~) The WordPress Family Award

    • rastelly says:

      Wow! I’ll need to add it to my collection.
      It’s not everyday I see a new one.

      I feel I have too many to post – it’s a good
      thing I’ve finally figured out how to post
      images on my side bar.

      By the way how are your books doing?
      any titles in particular selling well?

      • iamlenise says:

        Sales are okay..I stopped counting..What about you? Have published on kindle yet? That’s the best market for a new author, just fyi :~)

      • rastelly says:

        Kindle, Nook, and audio MP3,

        Not on apple I pad yet.

        I working on a sequel to


        I hope mind wings
        will except it.

        I also published a
        children’s book.

        To the World Above.

        It’s the reason for the
        red critter on my banner.

        Keep fighting the good

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