Fictions and Depictions: The Red House


Old Slumpy – courtasy of Wikipedia.

The old house was boarded up tighter then a bank vault. Rumors abounded of water in the cellar and bodies under the floor.

A large beehive droned in the attic, driving all would be interlopers even further back.

No one, stood farther away then Dale Winter, latest executor of the town blight.

      The Red House had stood in Bismuth since before Bismuth was even a town. As there were no records of architects or owners, it had fallen under the jurisdiction of city hall. The condemned box of mildew was occasionally offered to various historical patrons, or bounced around Bismuth’s various families as way of writing “I never really liked you.” in a will.

      Two bulldozers rolled past him into the yard, crushing a jungle of ancient weeds. Two Bee-keepers pumped smoke into the attic, making the roof appear to be on fire. As soon as those bees were boxed up, Dale would use a friend’s tractor service to discreetly get this over with. That permit was taking forever, and he was tired of waiting. Volatile chemicals and asbestos be dammed – he doubted that anyone had set foot inside the friggin’ thing since the stone age.

   “Can I have a key Sir?” Dale looked up to see his bee enthusiast neighbor staring him down through a ridiculous mask. Dale laughed. “A key? In all the records we have on this place there has never even been mention of a key. If you need to get in we’ll have to remove the door, that’s all there is to it.”

* * *

    In the dim living room she sat waiting, as the demolition crews gathered outside. Today was the day her prison would be broken. Today was the day she’d be loosed upon the world.

    Leaves floated in her cracked cup, the only surviving member of a tea service smashed years ago at a party permanently interrupted. Something dripped in to it as she raised it to her lips – honey – oozing like blood through a crack in the ceiling. It tasted sweet. Sweet Like revenge.

14 thoughts on “Fictions and Depictions: The Red House

  1. S Basu says:

    i read it in a single breath and it left me thirsty, eager for more.

  2. S Basu says:

    your banner is very cute.

  3. rastelly says:

    Thanks. I just used a cutting
    from a picture I already posted.
    I just wanted to see If I could
    get my header function to work.
    I was – quite surprised by the

    I also think
    your sailboat header
    is your best yet.

  4. Arjun Sharma says:

    Hey nice post 🙂 do drop by my blog sometime. thanks

  5. Most excellent work of flash fiction. You gave me goose bumps and left me both sated and wanting more. Very, very nice.

  6. Whoa! And? . . . You are provoking the imagination!

  7. Hummm…… now that has the makings of a good horror movie.. 🙂 loved your story rastelly.. and I see I have another installment of Fiction to catch up on too.. 🙂

  8. rastelly says:

    I may have more plans
    for this one . . . 😉 Glad
    to have a reader.

  9. Tribble Wife says:

    Please please please tell me there’s a sequel!

    Also, thanks for stopping by 🙂

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