Playing With Dragons.

 Hill King’s Mantra.

Spread your wings and feel your fire

burning brightly in your chest.

Know your spirit.

See your power.

Grip the stone on which you rest.

Clear your throat and let your voice call.

Great green mountains,

there your kingdom

rises up to meet your presence

in the early morning light.

Stand and strut fourth proudly

as your arms embrace the thermals.

Run headlong into the sunrise

over hills so high and green.

Great, green mountains

now below you

fine, white mist upon their crowns

Flowing slowly over forests

there to lie upon the downs.

May the greenwood stand immortal

over all that lives and dies,

May the white hot rush of sunlight

Meet the fury in your eyes.

Raise your head and raise your talons

To the bright and hazy sun.

Clear your throat and let your voice call

With my kingdom

I am one.



I’ve seen it on the edge of town,



 across the ground.

Oozing up

through sidewalk cracks,

gnawing holes

in wicker sacks,

souring high

on warm winds rising,

racing fast

 in tunnels deep

it’s stirring in the air we breath

and watching

– waiting –

when we sleep.


no man wants to hear,


many others fear,

winds that raze the widest wall,

a rushing tide that conquers all,

fires fiercer

then my soul,

waters deeper,

roar and roll,

and it lies

beneath these skies.

Outside these doors,

a dragon roars.

Its voice is louder then a siren,

warning of felony

or fate

and those who’ve stood

beneath it’s shadow

Can not help but stare agape.

For no man’s plan

it walks.

For no mans pride

it talks.

It lives for no mans table,

and is Neither fact or fable.

Yet we long for but a glance.

Forsaking peace and quiet

to say we’ve stood beside it,

and at our destiny arrived,

say we’ve seen it,

and survived.

If only for an instant.


(Note; every time one of these poems is read aloud, a dragon will get its wings.)

. . . and before any of you say it, yes –

I am full of crap.

and proud of it. 

19 thoughts on “Playing With Dragons.

  1. Sony Fugaban says:

    Nice poem, Rastelly! The last lines made me laugh … hard 🙂

  2. rastelly says:

    Thanks sony. It’s actually two poems, Hill King’s Mantra,
    and Adversity, the last bit was a joke I made about my
    endless pre-occupation with Dragons. 🙂

  3. Ah, dragons! If I post a poem about dragons soon, you will know what inspired it! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! Great adventures!

  4. Kai says:

    Very nice. Fit my theme for the day of letting go and getting free of everything holding you back. I really like the “With my kingdom I am one”

    • rastelly says:

      Wrote it on a plane leaveing england.
      I was pretending the plane was my body –
      and that I was a dragon waiting for a
      morning thermal – it was one of the few
      times I felt truly mighty.

      Glade you enjoyed being a dragon.

  5. munchow says:

    Great poem, made for a good start of my day. It has that little snatch that is so fun. I like “For no man’s plan, it walks. For no man’s pride, it talks”. Lovely.

  6. “winds that raze the widest wall,
    a rushing tide that conquers all,”
    It’s lines like those that make me wish a had written them.
    I loved the flow of “Adversity” it was the kind that seems to rise and fall as you are reading it.

  7. rastelly says:

    Thanks for the feedback, and the poems.
    I’ve noticed you’ve added several more,
    I’ve read them, and was very impressed.
    Your rhymes are unusual and interesting
    🙂 Midnight Walk is still with me.

  8. S Basu says:

    two very well written poems, lucid and gripping. loved the first one a tad more. the pic is splendid, you painted it?

  9. rastelly says:

    Glad you think my work is splendid.
    It’s Drawn with pencil, colered with
    colored pencils and outlined with
    ink. I put it on my computer using
    a scanner and shrank it. I wish I
    could paint. Pencils are slow . . .

  10. I said it out loud anyway.. I love Dragons.. And your drawing of the Dragon is very good..
    Have you thought of using Pastels? I paint in watercolours and acrylics but recently I have done a few animals in pastels..and was pleased with the results you can blend the colours easier too.. Just a thought ~ if you click onto my Hobbies and Pastels you will see some of what can be acheived..

    Loved your poems.. you have talent.. 🙂

  11. rastelly says:

    It came as a shock to me
    how great those were. I’ll make
    a point to start expermenting
    with pastells.

  12. Thanks for sharing these poems. 🙂 I find them inspiring. I think I’ve only written one peom that rhymes (about zombies)….I am not nearly this talented.

  13. rastelly says:

    That was so fun. 🙂 Thanks.

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