Where The Really Cool Ghosts Hang Out.


Grave yards are dead! They are a dime a dozen and everyone already knows they are haunted, by sheep! Unless you want the other spirits to think you are mainstream, heed these examples of some truly un-real estate!

Chippewa Lake Park

Out of Order.
Nothing makes us jump for joy like a day at the amusement park or scream bloody murder like a night on Chippewa Lake.

Chippewa Lake Park In Ohio began in 1878. It failed to keep up with the changing times and closed in 1978. It was left as it was for thirty years, the antique wooden coasters marinating in Ivy and weeds till it achieved the status of a premium haunting destination.

A spate of mysterious fires and the loss of a historic ballroom, apparently to arson, mean there are still some truly epic parties going on behind locked gates.

An attempt to capture the shenanigans on film, failed miserably. The Film, “Closed For The Season” is largely blamed for misconceptions about the park’s inherent lameness. These misconceptions have caused many upstanding ghouls to promptly vacate the premises, leading to a second abandonment and consequent re-infestation of humans.

Recent plans to reinvent the site, have caused much of the older structures to be cleared away but the fun need not stop with the loss of old Chippewa.  A new entertainment complex “Chippewa Landing” is on the way and there is much to be done if it is ever to be as prestigious as its forbearer. Newer more hospitable environs mean more fleshies to fool with, but unlike the thrill seekers that once hopped the fence in the glory days, these will not scare themselves.

The Maunsell Forts

Exhibit B – is in the merry British Isles. I know your thinking, “Another day, another castle.” but let us put convention out to sea. One shall find that where the Thames and Mercy open out, there are vacant bastions fit to put the kings of old to shame.

Now the more social among you may scoff at the remote location, with its access to skittish yokels and shivering campers limited, but time, these days, is money and if you don’t value it no one else will. Maybe it is time you made the parapsychologists work for your attention!

Because you are worth it!

Built on platforms sunk deep into sand bars, they stood as lines of defense during the second world war. In the fifties they went up for grabs, and soon became infested with Bohemians, including some important pioneers of pirate radio. One fort in particular has been declared its own country.


Anyone interested in haunting “The Principality of Sealand” will have to apply for citizenship.

Hearing that some of these long-legged sentinels are still inhabited, may disappoint, as in this age of paranormal investigators one’s privacy is paramount. Yet ask yourself, what good is a bleeding wall without a human to enjoy it? And this far from land – who can hear them scream?

Sanzhi Pods


Take me to your Contractor!


Calm down, get ready. In the Sanzhi district, New Taipei City, Taiwan, there stood a rotting, retro resort run by a dragon.

The beast was a statue used to decorate the entryway but the passage needed to be wider so the hollow stone monster was cut to pieces. One wonders what was inside . . .

Hell hath no fury!

Construction started in 1978, and suddenly stopped in 1980. Urban legends whisper of fatal car accidents, deaths during construction, suicides, and ancient burial grounds. Party poopers have blamed failed partnerships, faulty workmanship and investment losses, but there was no denying the eerie charm of these otherworldly apartments, left half-finished on a wind-swept beach.

An over-grown water park filled the vast courtyard with many deep and muddy swimming pools perfect for lurking in, high rockeries from which to leap upon your victims and bits of rubble to throw around should one be of the poltergeist persuasion. Photo shoots for fashion magazines were held frequently so there was no shortage of busty starlets to menace on misty mornings. Ominous graffiti helped set the mood . . .

A pox on your grandchildren!

Sadly, these wonders have been demolished, for it seems the humans intend to give it another go. A new resort is scheduled to replace it some time in the future, yet as before, the fun need not stop. I’ve heard the dragon is already taking reservations.

Interested humans may check out this site for some of the rarest and most thorough documentation of the Sanzhi UFO houses I’ve so far encountered. 


Other pictures courtesy of Wikipedia. (Articles on – Maunsell forts – Principality of Sealand – Chippewa Lake Park.)





12 thoughts on “Where The Really Cool Ghosts Hang Out.

  1. S Basu says:

    thanks for the informative, hilarious post, i will keep the sites in mind when i die, i will need a place to stay then.

    • rastelly says:

      My grandmother’s haunting
      Disney Orlando – There have
      been mutiple sightings of a
      lady in a gaint red, white, and
      blue hat. So anyone who
      wants disney will have to

  2. SkyddsDrake says:

    I’d wish a pox on someone’s grandchildren if they painted me that way, too. =P Very funny to read! I’m not really sure what I’ll haunt in the future. Maybe some of the tunnel rides at a themepark… Imagine the possibilities. O.O

  3. rastelly says:

    That sounds like it would be lots of fun
    actually 😉

  4. What bizarre places you have found! Winston Churchill said
    “First we shape our buildings, then they shape us.” Scary thought, isn’t it, considering what some houses look like? But I would love to spend a few nights in each of these places just to see what I felt like afterward.

    • rastelly says:

      There are people who like to camp out in
      abandonments. It’s strange, but a wide gap
      is starting to form between the ghost hunters
      and those who love ruins for their own sake.

  5. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    This was way interesting. You make me want to visit. Loved the pictures, too.

  6. rastelly says:

    http://www.uer.ca/ check it
    out if you want to see more – 🙂

  7. Sony Fugaban says:

    Fun post, rastelly! I was entertained, really.

  8. Haha this is so cool! Great images too! I love it!

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