Visions of RUST

 Here is a creature from the Rust Novel I’ve posted.

 An image along with a corresponding piece from the story. This is basically just one of the many beguiling beasties currently residing in my brain. Captured here for your amusement. (c. 2011) If your bored enough to read a few chapters of my novel, I do welcome suggestions. Tell me what you think might make the eerie hike more inviting, and I’ll incorporate your changes where possible. If not, enjoy the picture.     



Amelia pushed through a stand of bamboo and came upon a soothing scene.

Benches surrounded a bird bath in which a large number of bright orange butterflies rested.

Her dog ambled over to it. He stood on his hind legs and flicked out his long tongue in attempt to reach the still liquid hovering just over his head. Amelia called to her pet. Shiner gave the bird bath one last shove for its insolence and it toppled over.

Amelia whipped around with the intention of scolding him but was struck dumb by the sight of the butterflies.

All those bright orange wings belonged to the same creature.

Please do not use this without my permission, leave a comment explaining yourself if it is your intention to borrow any of my work, and we will discuss it. 🙂