Bohemians at Large; Bashful Cartoon Stalks Citizens of New York

Nire leetsac 1

Nire leetsac 2

“At first I thought it was only an obsessed fan.” An unnamed actress told me. She was of course referring to the vague sensation many in the Big Apple recently had of being watched by an unseen presence.

Nire leetsac 3

“We stood in front of the statue of liberty and it was just overwhelming.” said a Boston couple and their small yippee dog. The dog was especially frustrated that it’s owners hadn’t seen what was peeking over the horizon. “It wasn’t the sun.” The dog insisted, “there was this thing but it wasn’t the sun!”

Nire leetsac 4
Authorities believe that it hid itself in the glare of the sun so as to avoid detection as it peered around tall buildings. Sometime you might have caught it fleeing in the corner of your eye. What was it? What did it want?

Nire leetsac 5

It’s said to have entered restaurants, shops and museums of local interest. One might have noticed footsteps concealed within one’s own in those darker, damper recesses of the art world.

nire leetsac 6
Some say it arrived on one of the dubious vessel’s docked at the South Side Pier . . .

Nire leetsac 7
. . . others say it lurks amid the green vastness of central park – with the birds – (it really likes the birds for some reason.)

nire leetsac 8

There are those who say it dwells deep underground in the tunnels and sewers – with the alligators we are told don’t exist.

nire leetsac 9

Citizens taking the subway were strongly cautioned not to approach the apparition, and under no circumstances were they to emulate it’s behavior which was described as extremely unsafe.

nire leetsac 10

As of late, the sightings have stopped. Where did it come from? Where did it go?
Was it passing through on it’s way to some brighter, more slate-tinted place, or was it merely . . . on vacation?

Many thanks to Nire Leetsac for the use of these – not so typical – vacation photos.

Nire Leestsac likes to draw, juggle, and teach. Check out more of her art at:

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