Bohemians At Large:”Free Art For The People!”

Art for the people!

When was the last time you stumbled onto an art exhibit and were allowed to steal something?


Doesn’t that just get you goat?

Well here are some people who want to send you on an impromptu Easter egg hunt!

Our first installation takes us back to October, 1869.

The place was a small village in New York state.

Art for the people 5

Workers digging a well discovered a marvelous wonder; a 10-foot tall stone man laying buried beneath the fields of an otherwise unremarkable town.

Art for the people 4

Thank you very much!

Some said the man was a true giant; turned to stone in the biblical past.

Others said it was a statue; perhaps of some ancient, North American god.

The truth would only make people more determined to catch a glimpse of the Cardiff Giant.

For the statue was only completed a year before its discovery by a man who sought to prove that people were gullible.

The giant now rests in The Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown, New York, but if you wish to hunt for your own Cardiff Giant, legend has it they can be found on the opposite coast in Pasadena, California.

Since September 29, 2011 an artist going by the name of Cardiff1869 has been making tiny replicas of the giant, and leaving them scattered about the town of Pasadena.

Nestled on little beds of leaves or hanging by bits of string, these eerie little nudes seek to beguile passers-by.

Art for the people 6

This is the basic idea. I had to Photoshop this because I don’t live in Pasadena.

Should you be loath to part with your discovery – feel free to take it home!

For this is the Cardiff1869 free art project!

Though most of us can’t travel to California, we can experience the thrill of discovering one of these little giants by viewing their past hiding places at

I discovered this ingenious art project while reading about the pranksters and con-men at

If your one of those people who doesn’t like it when the truth gets in the way of a good story, or if you just in for some historical high jinks this site makes for some mighty interesting reads.

Want in on this whole installation art thing?

A blogger called The Meeping Koala has developed a yarn-related shenanigan that may succeed where other urban knitters have failed.

Art for the people 3

“Hi, I’m a tiny bunny!”

Some know her as person raising awareness of the plight of singles by dropping fuzzy hearts in comic book and video game stores – as well as other haunts of the romantically challenged.

Others know her as the founder of Operation Bunny Drop, aka – The Bunny Drop Project.

Her goal is to unleash an army of tiny yarn bunnies upon unsuspecting citizens, but she can’t do it alone!

The Koala insists that all willing and able knitters make tiny bunnies bearing this sign –

Art for the people! 2

and leave them in places where they will be discovered by – hopefully appreciative – strangers.

Instructions for knitting a tiny bunny can be found on her site visit and help hasten the coming of the Yarn apocalypse!

Many thanks to Meeping Koala for the use of the pictures –

and to Wikipedia for duty-free stock photos –

and to Cardiff1869 for sharing his little giants.








11 thoughts on “Bohemians At Large:”Free Art For The People!”

  1. Love that little Bunny idea :-)…. That could easily catch on 🙂

  2. rastelly says:

    Easily – I wish her luck!

  3. Love the Cardiff Giant story and the subsequent replicas project!

  4. rastelly says:

    You should see the website.

  5. River says:

    The Cardiff Giant is a cool story. Looking at the pictures, I can *almost* understand how people thought the original was an actual giant that fossilized. I wonder how long it takes to make the smaller versions?

    And thanks for featuring the Bunny Drop Project! I hope that Koko’s (The Meeping Koala’s) dream is realized and the bunnies are able to bring joy to the people that find them. Are you going to join the project?

  6. rastelly says:

    Would like too – if time and my untested knitting ability wills it.
    Right now I want to bring the bunny project attention especially
    with easter on it’s way – it’s so funny and fun 😀

    I think the cardiff guy casts them in a mould using cement made
    with gymsom powder – gymsom was the stone the origional giant
    was carved from!

  7. people can be conned easily. politicians have been doing it for centuries now, with great expertise!

  8. rastelly says:

    Petrified people were all the rage in the 18 hundreds –
    at least in the united states. People thought that humans
    could become petrified just like trees!

      • rastelly says:

        On the island of pompeii the bodies of ancient people
        that were buried by a volcano left impressions in the
        rock – The historian who investigated poured plaster
        into the spaces left by the bodies – and now we have
        statues of them.

        This is the closest thing to a petrified human I ever
        heard of –

        But there is a legond of a minor who turned to stone
        after drinking a liquid he found inside a geode.

  9. Reblogged this on Lollipops and rainbows and commented:
    LOOK AT ME! And LOOK at the tiny bunny! This is the first time my bunnies have been featured on something! THIS IS A MILESTONE YOU GUYS

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