Yule Storm

I’ll be willing to bet Santa has one of these on the door of his dojo.


A storm hath risen . . .

blowing ghosts from their prison

like sand through a sieve.

They shall all dance together

as the bells ring forever

here on all hollows eve.

The wild hunt commeth

with a black horse’s whinny.

Howl the hounds in the hills,

sound great the horn of plenty.

These are the days of friends, foe’s, and feasts,

when pilgrims and braves,

witches and naves,

all dine till the sun shows her face in the East.

The Halls, shall be decked to the uppermost gables,

Fools on their pedestals.

Kings in their stables.

Larders or swelling

From Gaia’s dark dwelling

Come all far and near

See the wheels that are spinning

tis the end

the beginning

tis the close of the year.

15 thoughts on “Yule Storm

  1. Magically enchanting! A grand rendition of the holidays, my friend. So much divine force in these lines!

  2. rastelly says:

    Ever hear of the movie Toys,
    with Robin Williams? The sound
    track contains “Closing of the year”
    This poem is but an omage to that
    awsomeness. The movie itself is
    quirky, surreal and hilarious – and
    also features works by Enya. I’d
    never seen anything like it.

    For something that is a tad
    easier to find visit Composer
    in the Garden, and give
    Father Christmas a listen.
    I would use “Epic” to describe
    That song.

  3. Nice take on the holiday season 😉

  4. rastelly says:

    Thanks for
    and Welcome. 🙂

  5. I’d love to see the illustration as a Christmas ornament. It would be fabulous.

    I really like the merging of the holidays in your poem too.

    • rastelly says:

      An orniment? That never occured
      to me. Hmmmm. I also tryed to sprinkel
      in refrences to Carnival – something
      known locally as fat tuesday – aka –
      your last chance to chow down before
      lent. It occures after New Years and
      would have been anti-climatic and a
      little obscure, to list in order. Strange
      how so many big holidays days fall
      around the same time.

  6. munchow says:

    Such a beautiful post, both the art and the poem. I really like the way you have combined symbols. As others have said, it’s magical.

  7. rastelly says:

    Thank you. I created the celtic deer
    ring and desided to make it a yen –
    yang at the last minute, As the center
    needed something. Glad you like it.

  8. john tugano says:

    oMG…You’re such a great poet Rastelly..Your poem is beautifully crafted that made me feel the essence of the coming holiday..Great illustration above..

  9. rastelly says:

    Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas –
    New years – it all comes at you so
    fast. Like a storm of traditions.

    Your post reminded me of
    another song too – “So This
    Is Christmas.” Lets hope it’s
    a good one, without any

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