RUST – Dark Caves

Here is another look into my Rust novel. If you want to know what happens next you can find out in chapter seventeen of the novel, it is all in one post just scroll down to find it.

The scene is colored pencil, but the cave mouth is black acrylic. It has been given an orange filter by way of a photo editing program. I’ll be interested to know your views on the subject of dark caves – ones you have drawn or ones you might have visited. They are so full of wonderful and terrifying possibilities.


 Boats resembling tarnished, cybernetic swans were strewn about, perhaps, by a past flood. One of them rested well above the water line and within Amelia’s reach.

She tried out the old peddle powered tub. Surprisingly it was functional, if not a bit squeaky. She shoved it over an embankment and into the brown murk. “Safe enough for a quick crossing, I guess.”

They drifted out, into a drone of frogs and cicadas, gently colliding with a another swan, up to it’s neck in the creek. A reflector eye glared up at them. “Must not be very deep then.” She concluded when it’s hull scraped a sandy bottom. “Still wouldn’t swim in it though.”

Over the croak of the frogs and squeak of the pedals she heard the sunken swan scrape bottom again. She looked and saw it drifting out toward the center of the stream. Had she bumped it a second time? Suddenly she felt the urge to peddle faster.

Amelia wasn’t looking forward to meeting the kind of people who would play these kinds of games, or being graded on her awkward tactics afterward, but when the boat she was desperately peddling turned on it’s own and headed for a dark cave she would have been happy to see any fellow human.

Amelia hadn’t noticed if there was machinery attached her swan. She stopped peddling. The boat still moved against the current. She turned the wheel but to no avail. Shiner joined the fight by barking at the water.

It was all he could do as a condemned concrete cavern drew them in.


Visions of RUST

 Here is a creature from the Rust Novel I’ve posted.

 An image along with a corresponding piece from the story. This is basically just one of the many beguiling beasties currently residing in my brain. Captured here for your amusement. (c. 2011) If your bored enough to read a few chapters of my novel, I do welcome suggestions. Tell me what you think might make the eerie hike more inviting, and I’ll incorporate your changes where possible. If not, enjoy the picture.     



Amelia pushed through a stand of bamboo and came upon a soothing scene.

Benches surrounded a bird bath in which a large number of bright orange butterflies rested.

Her dog ambled over to it. He stood on his hind legs and flicked out his long tongue in attempt to reach the still liquid hovering just over his head. Amelia called to her pet. Shiner gave the bird bath one last shove for its insolence and it toppled over.

Amelia whipped around with the intention of scolding him but was struck dumb by the sight of the butterflies.

All those bright orange wings belonged to the same creature.

Please do not use this without my permission, leave a comment explaining yourself if it is your intention to borrow any of my work, and we will discuss it. 🙂

Meet My Art

 Here is a panel from a children’s story book I have long been tring to publish, though I seriousily doubt it will appeal much to grown-ups, posting it will give me a chance to show off my origional art work – if you like Ruke, I have many more shots of this colorful cutey and the weird world he lives in.  


Kidsplorers said they liked it so here’s another one.

 Can you guess what this is? The character is fictional but much of its world is not.

Here is another game of pictionary.

Can you guess the thingy?

Ruke’s pets – up to bottom – tripod fish, ratfish and frogfish/Anglerfish. I don’t think the exact speci has been formally named yet but it’s awefully cute.

Sony was wondering where my Gravatar came from. That’s me in the corner.